SEO Services in UK

Our core focus when working with our partners is to ensure that their website performs to a high degree with a variety of functions. We don’t look to only increase traffic we look to increase relevant, customer profile visitors to you, ensuring chances of conversion are high and ultimately leading to a Month-on-Month increase in business.

We break SEO down into various functions, each of these are core to the success of your website within search engines. By doing this we’re able to totally break down and understand your business, industry and customers from various angles, ensuring the content we create, the conversion optimisation methods we use all provide measurable results.




Content is King has become synonymous with the digital marketing world and we couldn’t be bigger fans of it if we tried. Due to the ever growing WWW we’re seeing content creation growing at a rate of knots, Year-on- Year we might add.

With this we know that content creation is a process that involves both a massive amount of data research and the creativity to turn all of those numbers into something of meaning and relevance. By understanding the track record of content creation within your industry we would look into using deep research tactics to find a variety of link building opportunities.



The search engine world is forever changing, with algorithms that ensure maximum benefit for the end users. Ultimately this means that to be considered worthy of a high placement on a search engine your website needs to tick all the right boxes.

This list of boxes to tick changes constantly, making it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing demands of these search engine giants. At FourEyes we build and maintain websites, ensuring maximum results are achieved regardless of how many times there are new updates.



What do you do once visitors start flowing to your website but there seems to be no sales? This is the Achilles heel of any website – it doesn’t convert visitors with the desired action.

Whilst we love driving lots of traffic to websites we also love analysing what those visitors are also doing. We dive deep into the world of web analytics to find correlations, trends and ideas all of which would culminate into new strategies that increase conversions site wide.