Our social media experts need little to no input to deliver great results we welcome you to be part of our team and drop informal messages or images for us to work with on your behalf. Its headache free and starts 30 days rolling.


Are offering is simple. It grows your social media base and engages your clientele. which increases sales and your online profile. Social Media also contributes to your business ranking in google!

Local Legend


Per Month

  •  Online Specailist Account manager
  • 5 posts per week
  • Tagging
  • Commenting
  • 1 Social Media Account
  •  Content Sourcing
  •  Content Submission
  •  Basic Image editing
  •  Follow limit 5,000
  •  Advanced subject review
  • Follow target Audience 
  • Advanced Image editing

buy 30 Days
90 Day Offer



Per Month

  •  Specialist Account manager
  •  Up to 1 Post per day
  •  Tagging
  • Commenting
  • 2 Social Media Accounts
  •  Follow target Audience
  • Content sourcing
  • Content Submission
  •  Advanced Image Editing
  • Follow limit 15,000
  •  Extended ours support
  •  Advanced Subject Review
  • Free online business presence review

BUY 30 Days

Globe TrotterRecommended


Per Month

  •  Social Guru Account manager
  • up to 2 Post per day
  •  Tagging
  •  Commenting
  • 3 Social Media accounts
  •  Follow Target Audience
  • Content Sourcing
  • Content Submission
  •  Advanced Image editing
  •  Advanced Subject Review
  • Extended hours support
  • Free online business presence review. Worth £199
  • Follower limit 100,000

buy 30 Days

Are there more plans?

Yes we have custom plans tailored made for a business, brand or individual. Images can be taken or created depending on the needs. Service level agreements come standard when looking for a tailored solution.  A dedicated account manager will be able to meet and discuss content planning.

Plan Discounts

From time to time we have offers that can be bought in bulk you can buy up to one year of time when these offers are on. We also have tailored plans which are made to measure and these offer can have offers.

Account Activation

On checkout you can leave information about your Social media accounts, we will review them and respond within 24 hours. Its vital you reply to our follow up email with the hand over information.

why are we cheap?

We are up to 10x cheaper than our competitors. Its seems strange but we believe we are priced correctly for the market. Thousands of business have no social offering at all and we can always scale things up as traction progresses. Rome was built in day neither was Facebook!

Affiliate / Re-seller?

Are you a business looking to expand into a social media offering? our prices are already staggeringly cheap but we do offer an affiliate / re-seller option which is outsourced and re-branded for you. Feel free to contact us directly via email or phone.

Cancellation Process

Our cancellation policies are really simple – 30 days rolling. Unless something is agreed with your account manager.